About the Site

EngageKingston.com is the City's new online platform developed to facilitate communication with the citizens we serve. It’s designed to strengthen engagement with the public in decision-making about municipal projects and issues that impact the community.

Although the City does plan to continue hosting community meetings in person, since EngageKingston.com is available 24/7, people can also access information and express views when it’s most convenient for them.

Anyone can freely navigate through EngageKingston’s project pages without registering. However, in order to participate in the site’s interactive features, registration is required because it:

  • enables the City to update registrants with new information about projects;
  • encourages thoughtful responses because feedback is attributed to users under their screennames;
  • promotes accountability and constructive dialogue.

If you’re concerned about privacy, please have no fear: registered participants are identified only by their selected screenname. And the City will only use email addresses to contact registrants with project updates, including the addition of new interactive features on project pages. 

Rest assured that email addresses and other registration information will never be distributed to third parties.

Thank you for visiting EngageKingston.com. If you have any questions or comments about the site, please contact Summer Smith at ssmith@kingston-ny.gov or Ruth Ann Devitt-Frank at rfrank@kingston-ny.gov.