What does an Arts & Culture Master Plan look like?

    The best way to answer this question is to provide some examples of successful plans. Please visit these links to plans that Lord Cultural Resources produced for other cities:

    Dallas Cultural Plan

    Lake Worth Arts & Cultural Master Plan

    Sugar Land Cultural Arts Plan

    What is a creative economy?

    An economy based on people's use of their creative imagination to increase an idea's value. It includes economic systems in which value is based on novel imaginative qualities rather than the traditional resources of land, labor and capital. Compared to creative industries, which are limited to specific sectors, the term refers to creativity throughout a whole economy. 

    What is cultural tourism?

    A subset of tourism concerned with a traveler's engagement with a country or region's culture, specifically the lifestyle of the people in those geographical areas — their history, art, architecture, religions, and other elements that shape their way of life.

    What is creative placemaking?

    An evolving field of practice that intentionally leverages the power of the arts, culture, and creativity to serve a community's interest while driving a broader agenda for change, growth, and transformation in a way that also builds character and quality of place. 

    How will the City pay for the Master Plan?

    All expenses related to the development of the Master Plan are funded by a generous grant from an anonymous donor. There is no local match requirement.