November 03 2022

Soil Testing: the Whys and Hows

A Soil to Soul offering - Sponsored by the Holistic Health Community in Collaboration with the Morty and Gloria Wolosoff Foundation

Facilitator: Erik Schellenberg 

Date: Thursday, November 3rd

Time: 2pm - 4pm

Location: the green at Prince St. and Broadway, Kingston, NY

Simply come as you are with paper and pen.  Please be on-time.  Looking forward to gathering!

As many local organizations come together with the City of Kingston to create a true community space in the heart of Midtown, a first step in getting our hands dirty is taking a soil sample to learn about the current soil profile.  Join us for this fun, engaging and enlightening class with Cornell Cooperative Extension educator and farmer, Erik Schellenberg of Black Creek Farm and Nursery.  He will shine a light on all things soil and help guide us in the next steps toward creating healthy ground for growing edible and medicinal plants.  

Soil to Soul is a branch of the Holistic Health Community, a non-profit organization bringing earth connection practices and other healing experiences to the public - free of charge.  Sacred reciprocity is the means of exchange: make a donation to the HHC, volunteer in the community or offer a generous hand to someone in need.

October 23 2022

Tabling at Bubble Fest at the Broadway Bubble

October 15 2022

Tabling at Forest Sanctuary Opening with the Kingston Land Trust

October 03 2022

Public Meeting/ Community Design Charrette at the YMCA

Join us for a community feedback design charrette on October 3rd, 5:30-7pm, at the YMCA of Kingston and Ulster County. Enter through the main entrance in the back and there will be directions to the meeting in the building. 

September 28 2022

Information and Feedback Pop-up Event

Give your feedback and visit with D.R.A.W. and M.A.D. on site at Broadway & Prince on September 28th, from 2-6:30pm. 

September 27 2022

Presented the project at the Midtown Business Alliance Meeting

September 20 2022

YMCA Farm Project Harvest Festival, 5-7pm

Give your feedback to KaN Landscape design at the YMCA Farm Project's Harvest Festival. Look for their table to learn more.