• Team member, Julie Noble
    Julie Noble
    Project Manager @ City of Kingston

    After earning her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies from Binghamton University, Julie returned to her hometown of Kingston, to work for the City. In her capacity as the Environmental Education and Sustainability Coordinator, she coordinates environmental initiatives and projects, such as renewable energy procurement, natural resource protection, climate adaptation, transportation, energy efficiency, solid waste management and education. 

    Julie serves as the City's Climate Smart Community Coordinator and Conservation Advisory Council Chair. She is also the Secretary of the New York State Association of Conservation Commissions. 

    Julie, her husband Steve, and their son Matthew happily reside in Kingston, where Julie is proud to have been born and raised.

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  • Team member, Megan Lynch
    Megan Lynch
    Project Consultant @ Cadmus Group

    Megan, a Senior Analyst at the Cadmus Group, works with state and local governments around the country on projects related to renewable energy transition, decarbonization, and climate action planning. 

    In addition to Kingston, Megan has worked closely with the West Chester Area Council of Governments, PA; Keene, NH, and King County, WA; as well as states such as Rhode Island and New York.

    Megan also supports a national team to implement an innovative national recognition program called SolSmart. Through this program, she provides technical assistance to communities across the country to reduce soft costs and foster local renewable energy market development. 

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  • Team member, Farrah Andersen
    Farrah Andersen
    Project Consultant @ Cadmus Group

    Farrah, a Senior Associate at the Cadmus Group, leads engagements with local and state governments around the country focused on decarbonization, climate resilience, sustainability, and social equity. 

    In addition to Kingston, Farah has worked with the West Chester Council of Governments, PA; King County, Washington; the District of Columbia; and states such as Rhode Island, New York, and Massachusetts. 

    She also supports and provides technical assistance to the Urban Sustainability Director’s Network and the Canadian Urban Sustainability Practitioners Network to accelerate renewables and integrate social equity in relevant city initiatives. 

    Farah is a trained facilitator and certified mediator and brings these skills to all her engagements.

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