How will the City pay for this project?

    Approximately 82% of the project costs are covered by grant funding and the remaining amount is to be covered by local match:

    NYS Department of Transportation PIN 8762.54: $3,590,420

    NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Climate Smart Communites Grant: $772,752

    Local Match (bonding): $928,105

    What does ADA-compliant mean?

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures access to the built environment for people with disabilities. This includes sidewalks, street crossings, and other elements in the public way that can pose challenges to accessibility. 

    When new sidewalks are constructed, the City is required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act by providing access to people with disabilities. One way in which do do this is to incorporate curb ramps into the sidewalk design. A curb ramp is a solid, usually concrete, ramp graded down from the top surface of the sidewalk to the surface of an adjoining street. 

    Curb ramps allow wheelchair users, pedestrians with a walker or cane, people pushing strollers or a hand truck, and others on foot to move onto or off of a sidewalk with less difficulty.