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Thank you to the Common Council for voting to preserve the historic bluestone sidewalks on Henry between Wall and Pine, which were determined to be in the Fair St. Historic District. However, it's unfortunate the preservation could not extend to Clinton Avenue, since the north sidewalk on that block has some of the best preserved bluestone. Both Franklin and Henry have bluestone between Clinton and Wall and it would be logical to extend the protection on both sidewalk projects another block, since it's just as historic. The other issue regarding Henry St. is public feedback--were property owners notified of the project and the impact of the wider sidewalk on the right of way? The city recently hosted a public meeting for the Franklin St. Complete Street project which enabled the public to see the printed plan and talk with engineers. It should do the same for the Henry St. Safe Routes to School project. The meeting in Dec., which was on Zoom b/c of covid, did not allow for the same interactions and participants were told merely they could "ask a question." There has only been one in-person public meeting for this project, back in 2019, though the project has substantially changed since then. The project manager has said existing mature trees will be preserved which is great news, especially for those maples off Broadway, providing the only shade for miles.

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